Why Choose Allied?

Allied’s New Products, Technology and USA Manufacturing, offer Timely, Cost-Saving Solutions for Today’s Uncompromising Chefs & Buyers

Allied Metal is matchless in the world of manufacturing bakery, pizza and oriental supplies. We say with pride, and more than a little bravado, that no company does what we do for our customers. With modern precision machinery, onsite tool and die facility, CAD integrated software, Allied is made up of committed, innovative people dedicated to getting you exactly what you want.

Established in 1945 as a manufacturer for the developing pizza industry, Allied Metal Spinning Corporation, today, has evolved into the Premier American pan manufacturer for the Bakery, Food Service, Hospitality, School, Catering, Pizza, Restaurant and Restaurant Chain industries.

Although Allied continues to focus on the Pizza Industry. Bakery and Baking products, is what defines the company. Allied continues to support and grow its Asian cookware line with Woks, and oriental supplies. The company paves a path of innovation through its Customized Product development for the Chain Restaurant end user

We’re proud of our history...

Allied Metal was established in 1945 by Michael Plotkin as a manufacturer of lighting fixtures. Coincident with the establishment of the company, a Sicilian immigrant named Andrew Virga developed what is generally regarded to be the first pizza crust in the United States. He brought this new-fangled dough product to his engineer friend Ira Nevins who was running one of the bomber engine plants for the U.S. Government to inquire if Nevins could produce an oven to bake the dough properly. In his basement, Nevins created the first Baker's Pride oven. Virga and Nevins then brought the dough and the oven to Plotkin to determine if he could produce a baking tray to be used in conjunction with Nevins' space age new oven. Plotkin met the challenge by developing the first pizza trays in the U.S. Plotkin, Virga and Nevins are credited with developing the first pizza concept in the U.S. and each of them subsequently focused their efforts on the development of their respective areas of expertise. Virga built one of the leading pizza dough manufactures, Nevins built the Bakers Pride Oven Company and Plotkin changed the focus of the young Allied Metal to the manufacture of pizza smallwares. 

Plotkin quickly began to manufacture items for the developing pizza industry. Such items included pizza serving trays, pizza baking pans and screens, pizza cutters and numerous serving utensils. These products were originally distributed in the New York area where pizza was quick to take hold. As the concept was popularized throughout the U.S., Allied Metal's distribution became national in scope. Plotkin realized that he needed lo expand Allied's product line in order lo continue to grow and, as a result, he expanded into the manufacture of Asian cookware. Plotkin built the tooling for woks, steamers and lobster pans and sold these items initially throughout New York's Chinatown and ultimately lo customers throughout the U.S. Plotkin's daughter, Arlene Saunders, joined the company in 1970 and focused her efforts on building a cohesive and organized team of sales representatives throughout the U.S. She quickly became involved in marketing and new product development and, upon Plotkin's passing in 1984, inherited Allied Metal. 

In 1985, Saunders expanded into the bakery business by manufacturing cake pans, pie pans, cheesecake pans, tart pans, baba cups and many related bakery smallwares. Employment grew significantly, as did sales revenue. Saunders began to aggressively solicit restaurant and pizza chain business and many of the relationships formulated during this period continue to define Allied Metal today. Tremendous synergy in the company continues lo grow in terms of new product introductions and sales revenues as a result of their collective focus. 

Allied's bakeware items include removable bottom pans, fluted pans, specialty molds, stainless steel cake rings and pan extenders and numerous baking utensils. Pizza items include serving trays, deep dish anodized and non-stick pans, wood and aluminum peels, proofing pans, dough boxes, cutters and many other pizza utensils. Woks and steamers are also available. Besides manufacturing and distributing over 1,700 items, Allied Metal now imports, at very competitive pricing, product to complement its manufactured items. For over 50 years the tradition now continues in setting the standard in excellence in supplying our customers with the service and quality they have come to expect.