Chef’s Choice

See how pizza chefs match the perfect pan to the right pizza style.

Mick Mahan—The Bisonette with Brian Hernandez

DC Jumbo Slice with Brian Hernandez

St. Louis Style with Brian Hernandez

Ohio Valley Style with Brian Hernandez

Gluten Free Detroit Style with Brian Hernandez and Michele D'Amelio

Grandma Pizza with Brian Hernandez and Gino Rago

Sicilian-Style Pizza with Brian Hernandez and Michele D'Amelio

Quack Attack with Brian Hernandez

Greek-Style Pie with Brian Hernandez

Roman Pizza Al Taglio with Brian Hernandez

Chef Biographies

Brian is the Test Chef and Video personality for PMQ's Pizza Kitchen. He has over 15 years working in the pizza business from driver to GM. Brian started at PMQ in 2011 and has since helped them to create a functioning test kitchen to try new recipes and products. Brian gets to work with some of the greatest in the industry from John Arena to Gino Rago, and gets to play with even more, from Tony Gemignani to Roberto Caporuscio. Brian also manages the U.S. Pizza Team, and most recently got the highest score in the USA for Classico at the World Pizza Championships in Parma Italy beating out over 550 international competitors.

Born in Avelino, Italy, in 1988, D’Amelio grew up in Lioni, a small town outside of Naples. At a young age, he started playing with dough while his mother baked bread in the family’s woodburning oven. He quickly learned to make pizza for the family. At age 19, he began working in a local pizzeria. D’Amelio has won several prestigious pizza competitions, including finishing second place in the Regina Margherita Association’s Margherita STG event in Naples, Italy in 2010. In 2013, he traveled to Las Vegas with the Caputo/Orlando Foods team of master pizzaioli and won first place in the Italian Style category at the Pizza Expo. In 2014, he won second place in the Pizza World Championship in Parma.

Gino Rago is the co-owner of Panino's Pizza in Chicago, the Culinary Coach of the U.S. Pizza Team, and brand ambassador for numerous companies, including Galbani Professionale and Ferrarelle. Gino has won numerous competitions across the country and abroad. Having won 1st place for Gluten Free at the USPT Western Pizza Trials in 2016, and more recently, 2nd Place in America for Neopolitan at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo 2018, Gino has recently taken on a larger role as coach to members of the U.S. Pizza Team and organizer of the U.S. Pizza Cup, a recruitment competition for the USPT that happens 3 times a year at different locations across the country.